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Membership is open to anyone so all you have to do to view these entries is to join. You must be a member to use a style, you must comment and let someone know you are taking it, and you must retain all credits. Please respect those that submit styles for their hard work. A style can take anywhere from a couple hours to a day (possibly longer depending on the complexity involved) to create. If you have a style you would like to submit, join and you can share yours. If you like creating them, then please make some for this community. The only requirement of course is that the styles you create are Christian in nature. You also should specify if this is a paid user or free user layout as they involve completely different things. Now, to be sure that you have read the rules... here they are again:

Welcome to Christian Livejournal Styles. This is a brand new community that is for only Christian related livejournal styles. There are a lot of livejournal style and layout communities out there, but none that I saw promoting a Christian theme. Now, if you want to join please abide by these rules:

Be respectful of other members.

Do not make layout/style requests. What people choose to share is what you have to choose from. The exception is if a member who creates layouts wants to open up the option for requests.

Only members who create styles and layouts are able to post. If you join and would like to submit some of the work you do, please comment and give me at least one example of a style that you have made. If I find out at any time from anyone that the "work you do" is not really yours, you will be banned. If you claim a style/layout is yours when it isn't, how can we trust you to credit the ones we submit?

If you are granted permission to post your styles you must only submit styles that promote Christian themes (prayer, praise, hymns/lyrics, Jesus, etc). If you have a pre-existing style that is not Christian related, all you need to do is replace the image with a Christian theme. Then just edit a few colors to correspond with the new image and you are free to submit it. All the styles I create come from a master template and are only edited for images and colors. It isn't hard ;)

Since posting is disabled for most members, you will have to communicate through comments. Please keep these respectful. Any comments that are rude or demeaning and do not glorify God will be deleted. If this is a regular problem you will be banned but I really don't want to have to do that.

Please retain all credits on any style/layout you take. You may edit the basics: text, links, heading titles, etc but for the sake of the one who made the layout and the risk of it breaking, don't edit out any of the tags (unless you are skilled and the maker doesn't mind - see the next list item for more on this)

If you are familiar with html and are really daring, you may edit the colors to your liking. However, I really suggest you not touch the div layers, tables, etc as it doesn't take much for those to not work anymore. If you do break your layout you will have to delete that style and create a new one starting all over again. Regardless of what edits you make to the layout, you must retain credits and the image must remain the same. The exception is if the maker of the style explicitly says in their post or in comment tags in the style that you cannot edit out something.

You must be a member to view the layouts and you must comment if you take it. If you leave the community, you must remove the style ... plain and simple.

I have been looking around at other livejournal styles/layouts places and there are more restrictions placed so be happy. I'm being nice :) Let us make this place a place that honors God and glorifies His name. Finally the time has come when we can freely share with each other styles that proclaim our love and devotion to God and in doing so help to spread the message of the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May God bless you and keep you as you serve Him.

If you want to submit layouts and styles you have made, you can comment in this entry. However, if you want to use a style someone has already submitted, you must comment in that specific entry. Welcome and enjoy your new layouts/styles/templates :)
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Deleted comment

Nice job! Great, I will give you posting access then so you will be able to post new layouts you make here. If you can make a post that announces you are taking requests then people can comment to it. The one requirement though is that the style/layout needs to have a Christian theme :) Welcome aboard and God bless! Britany
Hi! I just joined too. I am starting a new journal dedicated to my Faith Walk and would love to get a nice layout for it. So where can I find the layouts and can I use them with a free account?
Never mind...I found all the info. And I guess I can't use any of the layouts right now as this isn't a paid account. :-(
The layouts right now are for paid accounts, however I am sure some free account layouts will come about so stick around. We already have two makers )(me and another member) and she is taking requests. Maybe she can help you with a layout :) Britany
that would be great! I would like to have a paid account because the layouts you have are awesome! And where could I post to see if I could get a free acount layout made?
as for posting, here is fine. I currently only have posting enabled for makers but you can always comment. And when she posts her introduction she already said she will be willing to take requests so you can reply to her post and ask her :) and yes, if you like I can sponsor you for 2 months and you can see if you like the paid account setup. I cant sponsor everyone but I dont mind helping you out if you would like that. Britany
Wow, thank you so much for the offer. You see I would set up a paid account myself, but right now I am just starting a new job and just don't have the money for it right now. If you could do that...I would be a very happy person! :-) Wow, God is certainly awesome isn't He? Thank you a hundred times over! Heather
I can understand that. You will be happy to know you now have a paid account until July 9, 2005. I am willing to sponsor you until you are able to pay yourself :) Try the features out and see what you think. Thanks for the comments earlier about the layouts. I have nearly 70 layouts planned :) Take care and yes, God is awesome indeed :) God bless, Britany

btw, what does your icon mean? I was a bit curious as it regards witches and your journal is on prayer and God ... :/
Thank you so much for the paid account! I can't wait to start playing around here with it!

As for the icon....It is based on the new musical Wicked. Its based on the novel "Wicked: The life and times of the Wicked Witch of the West." I in no way believe in witches or the like, I just really like the book. Its fantasy...just like LOTR. (I will be changing it soon, but I haven't found any graphics yet that I like.
Question. I just put in the Lord Have Mercy layout. And it looks good, but I can't get it to scroll all the way down the page so you can't see all the links at the bottom. Did I do something wrong? Please help...:-)
actually I can't even get my journal to take the layout. Do I have to do something besides put in the number?
Just me again. I finally figured it out! lol Yeah me. Everything is working just fine and dandy. I didn't realize you had to go and choose the layout from the drop down menu before the journal would take it!
I'm glad you got it figured out :) Yes, you have to let it know you want to use that style as some journals have many styles. When I am done with the ones I am making, I will have about 70 styles ... it obviously would have no idea which one to use unless you told it. I mentioned this in your journal but if you want to remove those scrollbars as I was workin on that with some of them all you need to do is edit your style and everywhere it says overflow: auto (3 places) just change that to overflow: visible and save. Don't change anything else with the coding though... that way you won't have to have 4 scrollbars - only the one all websites have. You can of course leave it alone if you like it too.. take care and so glad you like your new account and style. Britany
hey i just wanted to say that i joined but i don't do christian layouts so sorry maybe if i could help yall in any other way just let me know.
Unfortunately, this community is only for christian styles thus the name christianstyles. There is already a ton of regular layout communities at LJ but there wasn't a single christian based one. By your icon I was just curious as to why you don't do christian layouts? You can take any layout you have made and replace it with a Christian image and just edit a few colors to make it work :) It is entirely up to you and if you don't want to that is fine... however I can't accept non Christian layouts only because of the whole purpose of this community. Those types of layouts are more for the regular/general layout communities. Take care and God bless, Britany
this i got off of blurty and i don't anything about christian layouts i was just looking for one do u know where i can find on of them

Well there are a lot of Christian ones here, but if you are looking for regular layouts, you can search interests here under lj layouts, styles, free layouts, layout, and things like that. You are bound to find a lot of communities that way that offer general layouts :) Britany
Love the community! I like to make layouts and since I'll have some free time coming up I'd like to make some free account layouts that look like paid accounts for your lovely members. I would need a few things though...

1. Ideas of what users might like. i.e Bible scenes, positive images w/ scripture and such.
2. If you know of good image sources relating to Biblical things it might help.

Otherwise I'll see what I can whip but it might not be until this weekend. :)
Great :) Can I see an example of a layout you have made? Then I will add you as a maker and you will have full posting status. Take care and glad you joined. Britany
A perfect example of a free account I recently made would free_elite I did one for my sister that is a free account hippotoes

Wow. Great work! I didn't even know you could do all that with a free account with the limitations they impose. I have now added you as a maker and you have full posting status :) Welcome aboard! Britany
Thanks! My internet has been acting crazy and the monsoon storms are here so I'll be here randomly. I'm still searching for images of inspiration in the meantime. :)